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Quantitative sciences are becoming the backbone of any large scale technology or business problem. Automation is the mantra, to build a foundation of flawless systems and decreasing lead times for computation problems in any area of application.

We at Wenger & Watson Inc, strive to engage with technology entities, to identify and build their core research and data sciences competency which would create an everlasting impact on the cutting-edge innovations driven by them.

As we identify the experts in different fields, we have built a global network of researchers in the areas of NLP, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Text mining, Speech Recognition, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition,Information Retrieval, Recommendation Systems, Advertising etc.

Our clientele range from large e-commerce entities solving problems in classification, search, optimized pricing; Health care entities working on ground-breaking applications in computer vision and image processing; Pioneers in the video analytics space; Financial players who need statisticians to build risk free systems and predict patterns, to name a few. And our network comprises of applied researchers, core researchers (whitespace), statisticians, students pursuing their PhD, patent authors, publishers and developers who have picked up machine learning

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