Companies always formulate strategies to hire new employees and try to avoid mishaps as much as possible but unfortunately “Bad Hiring” happens. We will try to understand why, when and how a bad hiring happens in a company in this post today.

We have a list of reasons which is directly responsible for the bad hiring in a company and they are:

  1. The top most reason is the need to fill the position quickly for an organization.
  2. Lack of adequate talent astuteness leads to hire a wrong person.
  3. The sourcing techniques that were used should have got fine tuned per position; as each position has different requirements that need to be looked out for in a candidate.
  4. There might be a situation where there were very few recruiters who had helped to review the applications which would have led to push few wrong candidates to the next round.
  5. Incapability to check the references properly also would lead to appoint a wrong person.
  6. Now, the role of employment brand also plays a vital part in attracting the right pool of talent towards the organization; stronger the employment brand better the pool of applicants.

bad hiring wenger watson

Regardless of the reasons one might converse about, there is always a probability where both the parties incur loss both in terms of tangible and intangible. And we have few of the most common costs involved :

  1. Productivity Costs: Companies incur productivity costs of the employees who spend their time and energy training a new employee which goes off for a toss if they hire a wrong employee.
  2. Financial Costs: The catalog of costs incurred to get an employee on-board begins right from the salary, training of the employee till the severance pay and the search & hire of a new replacement of the employee incurs additional cost to the company.
  3. Employee Morale/Behaviour Costs: A wrong person hired would make the rest of the team twitchy, disgruntled or detached from work as it gets challenging for them to keep up with one team member who requires so much consideration for even the minute details, ultimately leading to bring the whole team down.
  4. Stature Costs: One should monitor one’s own company’s reputation securely to make sure that this wrong hire isn’t causing an awful experience for others.
  5. Rechecking Skills and Expertise: Before hiring an individual, one should make sure that all the skills and expertise which was claimed by the candidate was cross checked.

Every organization wants to ensure that hiring process is perfect for their requirements but unfortunately sometimes a wrong person gets hired and they have to go through all of it. So if you want to hire the right person for the right requirement at right time, contact us!