It is evident today, that searching jobs is not as easy as it used to be till the advent of Internet. It has made the process a lot more complicated and competent for job seekers to apply. Earlier, you could just walk into a shop, buy a newspaper, sip a tea or coffee while circling the openings which truly interested you, then get ready to apply for it with the required documents. These days most of the people neither look out for opportunities without a ready offer in hand nor are dependent on newspapers. So the process of applying for jobs gets a bit innovative and challenging with the dawn of Internet in our daily lives. We use Internet for various things like online shopping, social media, entertainment, gathering information, etc. then why not use it for searching jobs for ourselves?

Job search

Read on for top 5 tips to help you search jobs:

  1. Social media: How many of you have used Social media to connect with your loved ones? Almost everyone! Then why not use it to get your dream job? You can start networking with people who can facilitate your job hunt. You can also get Groups which smoothens out the process of looking out for jobs as there are a lot of these online groups which have job openings highlights, information about companies hiring on their career boards, pages, etc.
  2. Job Search Engines: You can find multiple job search engines which will lead you to numerous job openings, latest ones according to the skills you possess, your years of experience and various other criteria. Ex: Indeed.
  3. Schedule time for Job Search: Job hunting is very difficult especially if you are already employed, isn’t it? To simplify this we recommend you
  • To set aside a particular time in a day to search jobs on various platforms like job search engines, social media, job portals, etc.
  • Segregate the jobs that really motivate you, only after looking at the possible opportunities list.
  • Apply diligently to those opportunities.
  • Maintain a tracker for you may need to follow up on few after applying for those jobs.
  1. Prepare your Documents: Having said that, you need to prepare all your documents before applying for the jobs as you don’t want to end up searching (or worst crafting!) for the perfect resume or the list of documents exhibiting your work to send to your dream company after they shortlist you!
  2. Subscribe to Job Alerts: Finally, you must subscribe to Job alerts from the sources like Google, Naukri, Monster, etc on E-mails and on Mobile platforms as well so that you don’t miss out on opportunities even if you are not surfing continuously!

Looks much easier now, isn’t it? What are you waiting for? Follow these steps and let us know how the tips benefited you!