You may have had an incredible readiness before descending for a meeting but after your interview, you never received that call back from the Recruiter! What went wrong? Based on our discussions with Hiring Managers & Talent Acquisition teams of our clients, here are few pointers for you to consider next time around:


  1.   Punctuality: Did you reach the venue about half an hour early. This gives you time make yourself oriented / comfortable at the venue while preparing yourself for the interview. A candidate late or looking lost or huffing and puffing do not make a great 1st impressions.
  1.   Be Confident: Confidence Quotient (CQ) is a major deciding factor for an Employer to make that hire call. When responses are without CQ then candidates who are great fit for the role will still be rejected. However, there is a thin line between confidence & arrogance and unfortunately, few candidates cross that line.
  1.   Silent / Offline Mode: Yes, you heard us right! Put your phone on silent / offline mode. This helps in focusing on the interview. Phones are one of the primary factors of disturbance in interviews. There have been many instances where candidates check their phones for calls or pings on whatsapp during an interview on account of a forced habit – This obviously an irritant for the interviewer. The world will not come to a standstill in couple of hours.
  1.   Weakness: An awkward question to many candidates – especially when you do not know what to answer? Pick personal flaw (that has linkages to work as well) on which you are currently working and discuss about it with your Interviewer when asked. An honest response is always appreciated! Remember, nobody is perfect including the interviewer! An imperfect person is never rejected, a dishonest person is.
  1.   Keep it Simple: Yes, we agree that candidates plan to impress the interviewer / panel with their answer but many end up stammering or fumbling during their response. Why? Because they provide a grandeur to the context of the response rather than getting to the point. Please keep it simple – Try not to have use extravagant words while having a discussion; use simple English to express your thoughts & ideas, about your achievements & failures also the lessons learnt from it, how do you plan to avoid it in future, etc.

Try these tips during your next interview and let us know how it turned out for you!

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