Why is Employee engagement so important?

Employees are much more likely to stay at your company & feel wonderful if their efforts are valued and acknowledged. Appreciating staff for their contribution can boost morale and productivity too

Here are some simple & time-tested employee recognition ideas to consider:

  1. Introduce them to management

    Reward employees with coffee or lunch meeting with company executives.

  2. Give a little

    Gift movie passes, gift cards or sporting event tickets to employees who go above and beyond on a project.

  3. Keep a documentation

    Save reminders of each employee’s contribution so that you have the information handy and can refer to it during the performance review.

  4. Delight them

    Bring in goodies like Pizza, for them to enjoy without a reason sometimes.

  5. Let them show off

    Arrange the team members to present the results of a project to company leaders.

  6. Give the gift of time

    Offer time off or extra vacation days for a job well done

  7. Thank the employee

    Regularly acknowledge employee’s great work verbally. Point out how their efforts helped the clients or customers.

  8. Meet and eat

    Treat your direct reports to lunch to discuss career goals and department objectives, goals.

  9. Announce their achievement

    Have their achievement standout in the company newsletters or recognize them at a staff meeting.

  10. Celebrate milestones

    Organise lunches or off-site outings to recognize the completion of projects or special events, such as work anniversaries.

  11. Blowout the word

    Share a message sent by a customer or other stakeholders lauding the work of a fellow staff member.

  12. Credit them

    Nominate staff for external or internal accolades, an employee of the month. Company award may come with enviable prizes, for example – a reserved parking space.

  13. Develop leaders

    Recognize an employee’s skills by asking him or her to monitor others.

  14. Put in writing

    Prepare a handwritten thank-you note or copy senior executives on an email about a employees accomplishment.

  15. Present improvement opportunities

    Have a policy of promoting from within, and make sure staff member’s know there’s a path to grow in your organisation.

  16. Showcase your appreciation

    Hand out personalised certificate plaques for accomplishment.

  17. Provide monetary rewards

    If budgets permit consider spot awards for achievement.