NAME Jadav Molai Payeng
OCCUPATION Sells milk for his livelihood
WHAT DID HE ACHIEVE Converted a barren land into a forest of 1,360 acres Single Handedly
ACCOLADE Named the “Forest Man of India” by JNU vice-chancellor Sudhir Kumar Sopory.
AN ATTRIBUTE SIMILAR TO WENGER & WATSON CORE VALUES                                                                           HARD WORK

We salute Jadav Molai Payeng for his selfless work towards sustaining the ecological balance. His “Hardwork”, dedication & efforts have yielded results for a better society. Wenger & Watson values this noble individual for his “Hardwork” & efforts which will impact lives for a better tomorrow

Picture courtesy- Bijit Dutta (Wikimedia Commons)

The Story of an Indian Hero


Let me begin by questioning myself & all readers  –  how many amongst us have given a thought about Mother Nature – the Future & what is the legacy we are leaving behind for generations to come  – Have we been successful in passing over what we inherited from our forefathers. Isn’t it true that most of us have been stuck with our busy life conquering our time and thoughts? However, in a world full of people who thrive to make their life easier during their lifetime, here is a story that will urge each one of us to re-think on many aspects of our life. Can we do those little things to sustain & pass on a better future for generations to come.

Way back in 1979, a teenager was witness to nature’s wrath, when large number of snakes were swept on the sandbars of Jorhat in Assam due to floods. Unfortunately, due to excessive heat, all snakes died when the water resided from the barren land. The teenager couldn’t tolerate the fact that if these snakes could die today, it would be humans tomorrow. He spoke to the elders of his village regarding the concern he foresaw, but apart from slight smirks and laughter – he found no takers for his genuine concern. The teenager was willing to go that extra mile & do whatever it took to save the society from oncoming danger.

Some fellow villagers explained to him that the cause of this devastation as deforestation. He spoke about the issue to the forest department who asked him to save the mankind by planting trees himself.

This did not dent his enthusiasm & zeal to address the problem / concern he foresaw. With 20 bamboo seeds in his hand and a large barren sandbar in front of him, today, after 35 years; we stand witnesses to 1,360 acres of Forest which was single-handedly raised by this man. This man – the “teenager” of that day is none other than Jadav Molai Payeng, who today is more popularly known as the “Forest Man of India“, the creator of “Molai forest” (named after him) which now is shelter to several deers, Bengal Tigers, Indian rhinoceros and a large variety of Flora and Fauna with more than 100 visiting elephants yearly.

His achievement is noteworthy since he is a common man just like you, me & the rest of us;

His passion to do what he felt was right led him on to work hard in pursuit of excellence. All efforts for common good & better future for the generations to come.

As Watsonites, Molai’s dedication and Hardwork motivates us. If a common man with ONLY 20 bamboo seeds can go on to see it grow into a forest. Let us just visualise what a person like you and I with numerous resources around can do to achieve our goals. Wenger & Watson Inc relates to Jadav Molai Payeng & believe that through “Hard work” we can impact lives for a better tomorrow.