Recruitathon is an in-house event held every quarter in the best interest of recruiters to focus on quality and timely deliverables. It is a platform to encourage recruiters across all levels to showcase their skills and expertise within the stipulated time frame. In this event, recruiters were pulled out of their comfort zone and pushed to self-discovery mode where they came up with new tools or platforms to source talent.

Recruitathon had three objectives:

– Identifying different platforms to source active talent.

– Increase in TAT.

– Developing good strategies for executive search.

We identified some of the critical staffing requirements with our clients and built good pool of active talent pipeline against each requirement. Recruiters were given a chance to compete with their peers and leads. This helped them have cross functional learning in-house and also helped managers deliver quality profiles within a short period and build credibility with our clients. At the end of the event, there were six winners who were rewarded for their exceptional performance.

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