Have you ever wondered why manpower is the most valuable asset for a company?

HR is an industry which is too dynamic and predictions are always required in every organization to understand the pulse of the market. So, how are we planning to onboard new employees, retain existing employees and the like? Are we aware of the recent trends in the market? Are we planning to overcome all the obstacles in order to retain the most valuable assets of the company? Here’s an insight of recent HR trends that’s happening in HR Industry here..

A comparison of HR trends in different countries throws these facts

  • HR function is about supporting business needs: providing recruitment solutions, training and development, managing performance, cost savings, allocation of services, etc
  • Areas like Leadership and Strategic HRM had increased tremendously in importance.
  • Employee Engagement Employee engagement has become a priority now as according to studies, http://bit.ly/1Tgeo2Q “engaged employees are happy employees”.
  • Work-Life Balance Work life balance has emerged as another important job concept today. Companies are now migrating from 6 days working weeks to 5 days/4 days working weeks http://bit.ly/1BnCSBx; the underlying idea being employees who can find a balance between their professional and personal lives can be more productive.
  • More innovation in Attracting and Retaining talent Innovative strategies are now being followed for attracting and retaining talent in companies. These strategies could be used to counter common issues like employee job hopping, high attrition rate, etc.
  • Innovative Performance Review programs are now being introduced as organizations have come to the realization that the traditional practices might not be as effective now. New programs aim at more accurate assessments of employee performance and hence, help amplify efficiency.
  • Internal HR processes are evolving to deliver greater business impact and drive innovation internally.
  • There has been a huge development in HR workforce; companies are following new ways of competency planning and development.
  • Recent trends suggest a huge increase in the number of smartphone users. This has given way to introduction of new apps made available on mobile for easy access. Employees and employers can interact with each other at the comfort of their finger tips. Sharing corporate culture, establishing common systems become easier with the usage of evolving technologies.
  • Usage of Machines as collaborative partners Companies have adopted the culture of automating internal systems, Manpower dependence has slowly diminished over time, and further organizations have boosted their reliance on technology.
  • Nurturing Communities has become one of the recruitment tools. Every company has its own fan club over various social media platforms where they interact with internal employees as well as aspirants and clients, share their views, understand their needs, etc. When there is a need, you can find a pool of skilled resources from these networks effortlessly.

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