Today, we live in an increasingly connected world where technology is reinventing our lives in multiple ways. Consulting is an age old business and there has always been a debate on machines replacing men in all walks of life.  Over the last 2 decades, we have seen a huge change in the way recruiting is done and we have been fortunate to witness this evolution very closely.


So the big question is “Can Technology Replace a Recruiter?”.

On 18th Dec, we organized an event called NetworkDin where passionate Recruitment professionals across Bangalore, gathered to discuss on the future of consultants in recruiting industry. This included an insightful panel discussion with Mr Srinivasa Battula (who is the CTO of Homelane) and Ms Keerthi Kariappa ( who heads the Talent Acquisition team at Capillary Technologies )

The highlights of the evening were when the panelists shared their thoughts on topic and concluded that technology will enable recruiters to add value to the hiring process and not necessarily replace them.


We are thankful to the panelists and the recruiters present at the event for their valuable inputs towards the discussion and for having made the event a grand success.