mobile_recruiting source

In today’s era, Mobile Recruitment is selling like hot cakes in the market. This could be attributed to an enormous increase in the number of smart phones sold every second and easy accessibility to internet. In contrast with the past, today traditional recruitment methods are done away with. As, with the advent of new technologies every candidate expects their recruiter to be a step ahead of them, provide them with adequate information and be as fast as they can in processing them till they get an offer with their dream company.

Mobile recruitment brings in usage of applications to explore jobs on mobile phones and for that one has to make sure of few things to carry out the process smoothly. It is much swifter than any other forms of recruitment, as the recruiter gets the details of the applicant immediately and the applicant gets a response faster than those traditional mails. Also, the aspirants find it a turn on factor to apply for those companies which are tech savvy, those that update themselves with the latest trends in the market. The ones which are not refurbished by it, tend to lose out on few potential applicants! Mobiles are more engaging; theytarget more visibility for the right audience and the responses are quicker than any other source/medium. Both active as well as passive Candidates can easily browse through job postings on their mobiles and then decide whether or not to apply. However, using mobile as a tool for recruitment helps make an impression on the candidate.

However, we had seen an array of possibilities with recruiting methodologies if they are enabled and utilized properly and one of them could be the harnessing of Mobile phones!

We can make sure of the following points in order to make optimum utilization of recruitment through Mobile:

1. Measure your website’s traffic; whether maximum viewers are mobile and tab users or desktop users.

2. Optimize your website/career site in order to make sure that even the mobile viewers are able to use it comfortably.

3. Try to make sure that there are minimum number of redirections and clicks on your website in order to keep your audience glued for the exact information.

4. If proper strategies are used Mobile recruitment helps get in touch with the busiest candidates who are not so active online.

5. Also, try to get out of the conventional way of accepting CVs because no one would have CV on their phone and by the time they reach home and think of mailing you, their interest would have got diverted. Instead, accept their Social media profiles to start the conversation and then deep dive once you both are on the same page!

6. We have observed that companies which are tech savvy draw attention of better quality of talent pool than a company which is reluctant to adapt to evolving technologies. If the aspirants know that you are using Smartphone friendly techniques to hire,they might get more curious and interested to apply!

7. It is all about engaging all your aspirants on their devices – both smart phones and tablets with eye-catching sms marketing campaigns and/ mails.

8. Finally, it is one of the latest tools of Recruitment used by many companies today. However, a right mix of all the Recruitment tools would yield better and prolific results.