Incubation is a process where small businesses are nurtured in terms of infrastructure, business development, finance and people resources for them to grow and survive through their early period of expansion.  Entrepreneurs are provided with a supportive and nurturing environment by incubators so that chances of the start-up succeeding are increased along with reduced time and cost.  Some of the facilities provided include office space, state-of-the-art laboratories, management training, etc.

An Incubator is set up with the objective of achieving a higher goal of an economy like commercialisation of technology, supporting local business goups, creation of jobs, creation and retention of businesses, promoting entrepreneurial spirit, etc.  Some of the sectors that are internationally supported by incubators include:

–          Internet

–          Computer software

–          Technology

–          Media

–          Biosciences

–          Nanotechnology

–          Computer Hardware and more

Listed below are some services that are commonly provided by Incubators:

–          Access to funds

–          Assistance in marketing

–          Internet access

–          Assistance in networking

–          Basics like office space, computers and other necessary equipments

–          Supporting financial management

–          Assistance in commercialising technology

–          Introduction to venture capital or angel investors

–          Assistance in strategic alliance

–          Assistance in compliance of regulations

–          Managing intellectual property

–          Assistance in training programs

Apart from these, there are more services that Incubators can help you with if you are a startup/small business looking for some aid with your business.

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