Yes, it is very important to manage time when you are a Recruiter. You have to manage your candidates, your clients furthermore, different stakeholders in the process related to Hiring. You need to ensure that your priorities are set according to the need of the hour. Here, we will help you how to do that!


Step 1: Speed

Be it companies or the candidates, they do not depend on one source to fill their positions or land them jobs respectively; they have multiple sources to achieve what they want along with a quick turnaround time. So you have to speed up things on the off chance that you need to be the best Recruiter both for your clientele as well as your candidates.

Step 2: Setting Daily Goals

It is very important to chart out your daily plans and then start off your day. Take few minutes and decide what you are going to work on, whom you are going to call, how many meetings are you scheduling, time for personal research (it can be about a new skill, new brand, etc), time for connecting with people, anything chart it all out on your daily planner, block your calendar and see to it that you complete it and not move it for next day.

Step 3: Understand your Candidates

Analyze the efforts and time that you invest for your candidates is it worth or not? Try to check if your candidates are going ahead with other recruiters or are exclusive? Are they immediately available? Excited by the clients’ portfolio you have? Are they in constant touch with you?

After confirming these criteria, plan their movements accordingly as by now you would have understood the priority in the position of your candidates.

(source: theundercoverrecruiter)

Step 4: Reduce regular disturbances

Always try to reduce as many interruptions as possible; it can be from your friends at work/boss. You had made plans and blocked your calendar for your day so don’t let anything change it. You may ask them to come again once you are finished or maybe you can go to them to discuss but only once you have completed your work.

Step 5: Take regular breaks

Studies always insist that taking regular breaks in between work hours had always improved the productivity of an individual and we too would suggest the same. Hence, it is very essential for individuals to take regular breaks so that he/she can come back with a fresh mind and will help them focus at work better. If you are working for straight hours, you will put in more hours but less productivity.

Step 6: Utilize your “Odd-lot” time well

“Odd-lot” time is nothing but the time when you are stuck in traffic, waiting at airport, parked in a reception room or any other such instances. It is essential to utilize that time well for reading a book either physically or on Kindle, listening to a speaker on YouTube, learning a new “How-to” thing, it can be anything but should be helpful to you in some or other way. 

(source: Entrepreneur India)                                                                                                

Step 7: Use Weekends to review your past week

Utilize your weekend in reviewing your last week: how did it turn out to be? Was it successful? If yes, what are your takeaways and if faced failures, how are you learning from your mistakes and making it right?

Having great time management skill is essential because you need to focus right on your priorities impact wise and only then you will be a successful recruiter.