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This is likely to be the scenario of every company..how are you planning to retain your most valuable source..your employees?

Employee engagement happens when an employee contributes to the betterment of the company.

Engagement happens when people are committed to their work and organization and are motivated to perform their best. Engaged employees at work are optimists, are interested and excited about their roles in their jobs. They are also ready to put that extra effort into their work to achieve beyond their expectation.

Types of Employees based on Levels of Engagement:

Engaged: They work with passion & excitement and are profoundly connected to their company.

Not Engaged:  Checked out, sleepwalking through the day, putting in hours instead of energy. In other words, they are zombies that are eating your profitability instead of brains.

Actively Disengaged: They are not just unhappy but they also lessen the effectiveness of coworkers insidiously.

Why Engagement of Employees is Essential?

  • Better Performance
  • Better Communication
  • Better Quality
  • Greater Commitment
  • Lower Employee Turnover
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction
  • Higher Productivity

Top Engagement Drivers:

 According to Aon Hewitt there are 6 major drivers that are responsible to engage an employee:

  1. Work:  An employee feels engaged if his attitude towards work, the sense of accomplishment he feels towards his job, resources provided to him and finally, the processes followed in his work place are in-sync with his ideas.
  2. People: This includes all kinds of people he is interacting with: Senior leaders, his own Managers, colleagues, customers he is catering to, etc. They also play a great role as the motivational component in an employee’s work life as man is a social animal and he loves to interact in order to share his thoughts and ideas.
  3. Opportunities: The most motivational factor that could excite an employee would be the opportunities that he/she has in an organization to grow career wise and/or new skills that he can learn and put to use. If an organization defines the exact career opportunities to its employees and works towards new skills improvement within the organization then that would work like an added goody to delight them.
  4. Total Rewards: Rewards have always worked; let it be monetary/non-monetary or a combination of both. Nowadays with developed tools and sites, one can map his salary in comparison with others who work in the same space. So it is essential to provide a good salary package along with proper combination of benefits which would motivate the employees to stay in the organization. Occasional non-monetary rewards also help in making an employee feel that his contribution is valued in the organization
  5. Company Practices: A company’s policies and practices also play a major role in an employee’s attitude towards work. Basically, the policies should be in alignment with the work culture and should facilitate in the smooth functioning of the organization. The company’s reputation and brand also play a greater role to motivate an employee, so do the performance management programs.
  6. Quality of Life: There has been a lot of debate about work-life balance now. It all boils down to the fact that an employee who is able to take care of his personal life can be more productive at his job. So, this aspect has to be taken care of by an employer.
  • Say: Employees who are actively engaged with the organization say positive things about the company.
  • Stay: Employees would stay in the organization where they feel valued and when their goals defined properly.
  • Strive: They would always strive to achieve more than what is expected out of them.

Employee Engagement Activities:

New Employees:

  • Job preview by the right person
  • Structured Induction and Orientation program
  • Training and Development program
  • Certification program to drive people towards excellence

All Employees:

  • Communication activities
  • Rewards Schemes
  • Team building activities
  • Leadership development activities

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