There has been a lot of news recently about how the top IT companies in India are on a hiring spree. With the increase in the number of e-commerce, internet and software/hardware companies and a growth spurt in the number of start-ups in IT space, there is a huge demand for engineers. With this, there is an increased demand for recruitment professionals too.

Wenger and Watson Inc has been a trusted partner for many established, mid-sized and start up companies in India for more than a decade now. We have successfully staffed engineering and non-engineering positions in many globally popular corporations. So, here are some reasons why you should come and join us a recruiter. The article thoroughly explains why you should take up a career as a recruiter.

1)      You will be a part of the growth process

Large MNCs who are on an expansion mode are making a foray into India. And if you are up-to-date on the news, you can see that for every new idea, there is a start-up right around the corner. As a recruiter, you will be a part of the growth processes as a whole. You will be responsible for placing qualified candidates in the right position.

2)      You get to learn

Imagine this. Every day, you have conversations with leaders in the industry. Whether it is hiring for them or recruiting them, you get to learn new things about the industry, the domain area that the candidate/ hiring manager works on and the skills that make them leaders in their own right. You can be inspired when people like that are around you all the time!

3)      You can hone your skills

If you are already a recruiter, come join Wenger and Watson Inc. This is the place to hone your skills. With highly popular and respected clientele in and around India, we provide you with an opportunity to prosper. You can either take up an individual contributor role/ a leader role or better yet, a Recruitment Process Outsourcing executive (RPO). There are multiple ways in which you can contribute and grow.

Forbes magazine recently ran an article stating how important it is to be a top recruiter (link at the end of the article). To understand how you can become a top recruiter, you can join our team in Museum Road, Bangalore or Peenya, Bangalore. With our organised training process, you can be sure to get to the top of the game in recruitment.  You can apply with us by buzzing us at 080 4937 3400 or send in your resume on our website.

So, what are you waiting for? Update your resume and drop in to us. We will get back to you within 24 hrs!