NAME Chikkarangappa
BACKGROUND Mother : Daily wage worker

Father : Farmer

Chikkarangappa started working at the age of 10 for Rs.50 /day as a worker in a golf resort.

WHAT DID HE ACHIEVE -Topper of the 2014 PGTI Super Series rankings & defended his title at the Rs 1 crore CG Open 2014 (at the Bombay Presidency Golf Club)

-Two time winner at the All India Amateur Golf Championships in 2011 and 2012

-Bronze medallist at the Asia Pacific Amateur Golf Championships in 2010-11

Many more…



We salute Chikkarangappa for his passion to excel inspite of numerous financial difficulties. His dedication & efforts have resulted in his accomplishments at a very young age. Wenger & Watson values this young achiever for his “Passion to excel.


(pic : Chikkarangappa winning the inaugural US$70,000 TAKE Solutions India Masters )

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Born to a family of a labourer and an agriculturalist, Chikkarangappa had meagre chances of ever dreaming of playing golf, a rich man’s game. At a tender age of 10, he never imagined that his decision to earn some extra money as a worker in the Eagleton golf resort would change his life drastically. For a daily wage of Rs.50/day, he started his stint at the resort to make ends meet. This was the time he was introduced to the world of golf. After watching the players for hours together, his interest in the game inspired him to practise with a golf stick made out of tree branch.

He was noticed by Coach Mr. Vijay Dhivecha, who encouraged him to take up golf as a profession. Though he was reluctant at first because of his poor background, eventually he was convinced. This helped his career to flourish in a different direction.

Here began his winning streak. At the age of 16, he was the youngest golfer to earn the championship “India Amateurs”. For 2 years he won the All India Amateur Golf Championships and has also been distinctive in earning the India Juniors championship for 3 years. Recently, his latest conquest has been the 2014 PGTI Super Series rankings. He has been successful in defending his title at the CG Open Golf 2014. His achievements in the field of golf are remarkable for his age (now 21 years old). His passion to excel in-spite of all odds is worth appreciating. The disadvantages of him coming from a poor family or having a communication problem due to language barrier did not deter him from achieving his dreams.

As watsonites, we are motivated by Chikkarangappa’s passion to excel. We believe that his dedication and hardwork set an example to all those who dare to dream big and attempt to achieve it. We salute this young achiever.


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