We are happy to announce that we are a 5 days working company, starting this June, 2015.

The concept of 5 days in a week work culture evolved from early 19th Century when the Britons used their Sundays to make merry and used to take leaves on Monday in order to cope up with the aftereffect of getting drunk, etc. Then in 1908, a New England Mill became the first company to introduce 5 days a week work schedule in order to provide a balanced work life for their workers. Sir Henry Ford in 1922 was also amongst few who realized that working 5 days a week yields better results at work.

Here’s what we find a 5 days’ work culture could bring into the Organization:

  1. After introducing this it was found that there was a significant reduction in illness caused due to work pressure.
  2. The attitude of Employees towards work got enhanced drastically.
  3. The attrition rate also got reduced gradually.
  4. Employees began observing a better personal growth, both mental and physical.
  5. They found more time for pursuing personal passion also time for family and friends.
  6. As a result of all the above, the productivity rates improved constantly.

So what are you waiting for?? Apply with us, here are the positions open at Wenger and Watson:

Ø Associate Consultant (0.6 – 3 years)

Ø Consultant (3-4 years)

Ø Senior Consultant/ Lead (4-6 years)

Pick up your phone and give us a buzz @080-49373-400, we are waiting…